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There are 7 ways to get paid with this funnel, but you have to be a paid member of each one of those programs. Let me break it down for you so it's easy to follow.

Note: You don't have to join all 7 programs to make money. You can pick the ones that allow you to make the most amount of money and join the other later, when you start making money. There are many affiliates, who do this and it's perfectly okay.


I am listing the most lucrative programs in order below.

Income Stream #1
Easy1Up: Earn up to $2000 cash payment

Program Description: This is the flagship program on this entire funnel that will make you the most amount of money.

Products: You'll have access to the most effective ways to start and market your business online. This is a top educational product in the marketing field right now, worth over $35,000, but with your membership you get it for as low as $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, or $2000.


Cost To Join: Your investment to join Easy1Up starts at the $25 level and up to $2000. There is an admin fee that you pay on top of your program price.

Elevation Level: $25

Elevation Elite: $50

Vertex Level: $100

Vertex Elite: $500

Vertex Pro: $1000

Vertex Live: $2000

Your Commissions: You make 100% of the commissions when someone pays. The company keeps the admin fees. You get paid directly as soon as the sale happens. You can accept commission payments using several methods. 

Recommended Level to join: I  recommend that you start with $500 to $1000 level to make substantial income fast.

Income Stream #2
Funnel X Advance - Make money for referring a lead

Program Description: This is program where if someone fills out a form you are paid. 998.50

Products: Pay per qualified lead. You can make money when a qualified leads opts in to your funnel. And make more if they upgrade their Funnel X Advance account.


Cost To Join: You can simply create a free account with Funnel X Advance and get paid for leads or choose to upgrade and get 50% of commissions from your referrals.

Your Commissions: You make $1 to $998.50 per sale. You get paid $1 for each verified leads opting into your funnel. If you choose to upgrade, you'll start making 50% of that sale.

Recommended: You can remain as a free member and collect the pay per lead option.

Income Stream #3
ROIPanel - Campaign Tracking Service

Products: This is a software where you can track all of your ad campaigns, and links. Gives detailed tracking information so that you know exactly which traffic source is more profitable for you.


David Dekel is offering a special life time license so that there is never a monthly payment.


Cost To Join: Please check the price for lifetime license on the website since it is a limited offer and the price changes.

Your Commissions: up to $748.50 per sale. You get paid 50% when anyone takes advantage of this lifetime account.

Recommended: You can remain as a free member or choose to upgrade.

Income Stream #4
Forsage X4 - Earn Etherium or Tron Crypto

Products: 100% Instant Crypto Currency Payments With Crowd Funding

Cost To Join: $12 and up. 

Commissions: This is a peer to peer payment. Your referral will send Etherium and Tron (crypto) directly to your wallet.


Recommended: If you already are with Forsage, please add your Forsage username on the links area and it will be promoted within the funnel.

Income Stream #5
OPM Wealth - Big Bitcoin Commissions

Products: Crypto Currency opportunity

Cost To Join: Please check the website. 

Commissions: Earn up to $16,000 commissions


Recommended: Please check the website for full details.

Income Stream #6
Udimi - Email Traffic Commissions

Products: Biggest Email solo advertising network.

Cost To Join: Free affiliate account. 

Commissions: Earn every time someone buys traffic from your funnel link


Recommended: Please check the website for full details.

Income Stream #7
Ringless ALN - Ringless Voicemail Traffic Commission

Products: Lead prospecting tool for marketers.

Cost To Join: $150 and up 

Commissions: Earn 50% from any package. Earn up to $1250 per sale.


Recommended: Please check the website for full details.


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